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Allen Issa – named in honor of Allentown.

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About Allen Issa

Allen Issa is a former Congressional aide and Legal Fellow whose work has focused heavily on the crisis in Ukraine and Afghanistan. While working in Congress, he saw firsthand how important it is to have the right people to fight for our values in Washington.

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“Allentown is where the American Dream began for my family – where we learned the core Lehigh Valley values of hard work and service to community. Values which were instilled in me, and which I still live by everyday.”

Allen Issa

On the Issues

America FIRST

Communities like ours lost thousands of jobs when production of essential materials was outsourced overseas. As a congressional Aide I worked on strategic competition with China and prioritizing U.S. innovation over assisting foreign adversaries. I will continue my work to bring essential production back here and keep it here.


The present administration’s economic policies have been a disaster for hard working Lehigh Valley families. A trip to the grocery store is a budget busting ordeal. Housing costs and mortgage rates have priced young families out of home ownership. We need to cut spending, cut taxes and restore the American Dream.

Safe Streets & Neighborhoods

The brave men and women who risk their lives everyday to protect us are under attack like never before. It’s time we gave law enforcement the resources they need to fight increasing criminal sophistication and ever more violent criminals.

National & Border Security

Threats from groups and countries whose main goal is destruction of our democracy and way of life grow more serious everyday. And the situation at our southern border is a disaster. We must pick the fights that matter the most overseas and immediately bring tough, but fair, policing action to protect our border security.

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